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A Community for the Parents of Hampton Roads

A place to meet people, make friends, discuss parenting issues and have fun!

Hampton Roads Parents
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This is a community for the parents of Hampton Roads.
It's a place to discuss parenting, community events, possible
get togethers or playgroups. The goal for this community is to
have a place parents can get in touch with other local parents.

Questions? Comments? E-mail zoestardust at zoestardust@livejournal.com RE: Hampton Roads Parents or leave a comment in my journal

Community Guidelines.

1. Please, No bashing or slanderous comments to any members.
Everyone has a different way of parenting and no one way is better
than another. The best parenting practices are what works for YOU.

2. When posting pictures, please put them behind an lj cut.
If you need help in doing this, refer to the FAQ section.

3. No spamming. Community promotions are fine, as long as
it's on topic of children or parenting or the Hampton Roads community.

4. No posting of online quiz results, memes, or surveys whatsoever,
not even behind a lj-cut tag. Those are best left for your personal journal.

5. Anonymous comments are not and will never be allowed.

These are subject to change to fit the needs of the community as it grows.

Various Links of Interest:

hamptonroads A Hampton Roads Livejournal Community - Great place to discuss non-parenting topics pertaining to the Hampton Roads area. See Community Info for more information.

Tidewater Parent Magazine - Tidewater Parent is the only award-winning magazine in the Hampton Roads area specifically targeting families. If you haven’t seen an issue of Tidewater Parent, pick one up today. Free!

Family Focus - Play groups and family support for the Hampton-Williamsburg area

Healthy Families -A orginization in the Hampton area offering play groups and classes. You don't have to live in hampton to attend.

La Leche League - Breastfeeding Assistance - La Leche League of Virginia, Tidewater District. Local group meeting info.

M.O.M.S. - Support for Single Mothers, Fathers, and All Parents

Hampton Roads Gay and
Lesbian Parenting Support

Have any other links of interest to add? Let Us Know!